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Take advantage of our seasonal specials. From sports to sightseeing, we have it all.

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Experience local culture within
the bustling Jimbaran Market

Jimbaran Market

Also known as Pasar Desa Adat Jimbaran. Glimpse the abundance of fresh tropical fruit, interact with friendly locals & curate lasting memories on your camera.



Voyage within Jimbaran’s
renowned Fish Market

Fish Market

In discovery of todays lunch-time treat. Handpick from an incredible selection of fresh seafood  caught in the oceans that lay before you. Then head to a local warung & watch as they marinade & cook your delicious catch of the day.



Admire the amazing
setting sun

Sunset at Jimbaran Bay

Within the shores of Jimbaran bay amidst the colourful fishing boats that lay dotted. Slow down & take in the moment.



Enjoy a delightful
Fish Barbecue

Fish Barbecue at Bingin Beach

At the shores of nearby Bingin Beach -a picturesque coved beach featuring dramatic landscapes of limestone cliffs. Handpick your choice & allow the locals to do the rest.



Visit the iconic
Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple

Beautifully perched on top of a steep cliff in Uluwatu. Admire the landscape as you enjoy the renowned performance of the traditional Kecak Fire Dance.



Discover Southern Bali’s
incredible coastline

Boat journey

As you voyage from Jimbaran to Uluwatu via boat. Admire the mesmerising vista of translucent waters, white sandy beaches & dramatic limestone cliffs.



Experience the magic
of Out Door Cinema

Outdoor Cinema

Under the stars at Drifter. Often showcasing a variety of enlightening documentaries related to our oceans, wildlife & preservation the natural world.



Jatiluwih provides
a serene & soothing retreat


From the lively streets of Bali. Cool highlands & mesmerising scenery at the foot of Mount Batukau provides an incredible insight into traditional agriculture & rural life.