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Kita Membuat Pengalaman Yang Berbeda dan Tak Terlupakan

As a girl who, I believe, was born a gypsy. A collector. A wanderer travel represents endless opportunities to immerse myself wholly in the exquisiteness of a culture and a history

Imagine the sheer enchantment rushing through these bohemian veins when I stepped my bare feet through the passionately carved stone archway into Balquisse – a truly artisan-crafted, bespoke island paradise…

Where I could literally feel the unmistakable old Balinese charm wash over my entire body like a cool breeze in the tropics… fresh, welcome and inviting.

Pinching myself, scared I might wake at any moment, as I sit poolside in this sanctuary-come-gallery, Each piece, furniture, décor or linen, so obviously hand-crafted or lovingly chosen for its’ story and uniqueness

Melissa, Salt + Shanti Lifestyle


Draped wine-colored silk curtains parted and I was left for a moment in the most deeply decadent room Dripping with luxe fabrics and dark with chocolate hues, a treatment here is pure indulgence My body treated to aromatic natural oil concoctions and soothing touch

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