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We Create Unique and Memorable Moments

“As a girl who, I believe, was born a gypsy. A collector. A wanderer travel represents endless opportunities to immerse myself wholly in the exquisiteness of a culture and a history”

“Imagine the sheer enchantment rushing through these bohemian veins when I stepped my bare feet through the passionately carved stone archway into Balquisse – a truly artisan-crafted, bespoke island paradise…”

“Where I could literally feel the unmistakable old Balinese charm wash over my entire body like a cool breeze in the tropics… fresh, welcome and inviting.”

“Each piece, furniture, décor or linen, so obviously hand-crafted or lovingly chosen for its’ story and uniqueness”

Melissa, Salt + Shanti Lifestyle
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I nestled down into my comfortable bed,
the light scent of incense still lingering in the room.

Filled by the stories of the pieces surrounding me in my boutique room.

Antique dresser, vintage clock, and a charcoal portrait of a beautiful Balinese woman in the 60’s.

Those times when you wish an inanimate object could speak,
tell you it’s journey, this place is filled with those.

Asam Garam Restaurant

Perfection for the ever indecisive…

Inspired collection of traditional Indonesian and Asian flavors

Served on beautiful Batik table linens alongside boho-chic brass cutlery, fragrant tasting plates remove my need for decision


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Draped wine-colored silk curtains parted and
I was left for a moment in the most deeply decadent room.

Dripping with luxe fabrics and dark with chocolate hues, a treatment here is pure indulgence

My body treated to aromatic natural oil concoctions and soothing touch

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